Hey guys..

Something you should know about me is that I’m incredibly indecisive. I was doing some thinking about thisΒ blog and what kind of content I wanted to post for it. Basically it was a whole heap of things that totally didn’t go together. My interests vary from fashion, to makeup, to hiking, to healthy stuff, and to be honest, my hobbies sort of change a lot … Continue reading Hey guys..


Who even says “Howdy” for real? …me. Welp, you’ve stumbled upon my sliver of the Internet, so welcome! Just so you know, I’m a little weird. I like a coke (or any drink really) when it’s room temperature and flat. *GASP* I also like Mayo…a lot. So not that we’ve got those out of the way I’ll tell the somewhat normal stuff about me. I’m … Continue reading Howdy!