Hey guys..

Something you should know about me is that I’m incredibly indecisive.

I was doing some thinking about this blog and what kind of content I wanted to post for it. Basically it was a whole heap of things that totally didn’t go together. My interests vary from fashion, to makeup, to hiking, to healthy stuff, and to be honest, my hobbies sort of change a lot of the times too. For example, one month I might be super into contouring and going to Ulta as much as possible, and the next I’ll sign up for a workout program and inhale quinoa and kale like it’s going out of style. As you might be able to tell, right now I’m really into hiking and things of that nature…(haha, see what I did there?)  But I want a space where I can feel free to dive into any one of those topics and not have people confused. I haven’t found my ‘niche’ as they say, so for now I’m going to use Quinnly as a blog where I can post about makeup I love, or things on Netflix I binge watched, or a workout routine I’ll never actually accomplish.

So with that being said, I created a place for my hiking posts to go so readers won’t get overwhelmed by my random interests. If you’d like, you can head over to Anytime Adventures if you want to read just the outdoor posts and not get bogged down by “Oh my god, can you believe the pigmentation of this eyeshadow!”

I hope y’all understand. I’ll be taking the hiking posts off this page and moving them over to my other site, just to keep things organized. Hopefully haha. I’m so appreciative of the people who already liked what I’ve written so far or followed this blog. I wasn’t expecting anyone to read it at all but those who did, thank you 🙂

I’ll be active over on Anytime Adventures so stop by and leave a comment if you’d like!



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